Office Staff

Office Staff

Annie Phillip Barrier

Central FL FINS Family Coordinator

Philip Bassani

Student Services Representative

Rashawn Brewster

South FL Director of FINS Family Programs and External Relations

Richard Blomgren

Director of Admission and Marketing

Erin Broome

Associate Director of Student Services

Cait Coffey

Associate Director of Admission and Sales

Paige Edwards-Werhan

Associate Director of Outward Bound Professional

Nicole Fava

Associate Director of Marketing

Devin Kearns

Staff Recruitment Manager

Melissa Kienbaum Golder

Director of Charlotte Advancement

Gordon Grant

Director of Education

Katie Hargreaves

Central FL FINS Family Coordinator

Amy Higgins

Central FL FINS Family Programs Manager

Lindsay Hunter

Advancement Relations Manager

Mark Jantosik

Staffing Manager

Dan Leroy

Director of Development

Diana "Topacio" Marrero

South FL FINS Family Coordinator

Leigh Anne Miller

Office Administrator and On-boarding Manager

Whitney Montgomery

Executive Director

Sara Morrison

Development Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Bill Murray

Associate School Director

Carrie Myers

Director of Regional Development

Alyse Ostreicher

Human Resources Director

Christina Roach

South FL FINS Family Coordinator

Matt Rosky

NCOBS Veterans Program Manager & Student Services Representative

Alex Schwartz

Safety and Training Director.

Whitney Setser

Student Services Representative

Sanjay Singh

IT Director

Csilla Tabor

At-Risk Staffing Coordinator

Deb Sweeney Whitmore

Director of Wilderness Operations

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