Administrative Staff

Bea Armstrong

Executive Director

Brianna Ashley

Recruitment & HR Assisant

Philip Bassani

Partnership Manager

Melanie Blair

Finance Director

Erin Broome

Director of Student Services

Lydia Cardinal

Student Services Representative

Sal Clarizio

Facilities Director

Cait Coffey

Business Development Director

Austyn DiIoia

Student Services Representative

Carla Farchaus

Student Services Representative for Group Programs

Sarah Goldman

Community Programs Director

Jordan Gurkin

Professional Program Manager

Walker Jones

Associate Director of Advancement Operations

Sarah Kime

Director of Advancement

Jan Letendre

Chief Financial Officer

Vanessa McCroskey

Educators Program Director

Bill Murray

Chief Operating Officer

Jackie Neu

Development Coordinator

Karen Sare

HR Director

Alex Schwartz

Safety and Training Director.

Whitney Setser

Associate Director of Student Services

Heather Simpson

Program Resource Manager

Sanjay Singh

IT Director

Deb Sweeney

Director of Program Operations

Justin Tucker

BIPoC Staff Program Coordinator

Lindsay Ward

Staffing Manager

Alexys J. Woods

Charlotte Program Manager

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