Outward Bound expeditions and programs are inside city and suburban classrooms and outside in breathtaking wilderness settings. All programs adhere to Outward Bound’s unique and powerful educational framework.

We offer Classic Outward Bound wilderness expeditionary courses for people of all ages, and 30+ day courses for young adults, designed to be part of a gap year. We have also developed a range of specialized expeditions, such as our award winning program for Veterans, a program for teens grieving with the loss of a family member, as well as programs for families with teens or young adults struggling with issues at school or at home. Outward Bound also offers custom programs for professionals and other groups. 


Known as the 'original' Outward Bound leadership program, these expeditions take students into beautiful wilderness environments where they must dig deep and discover their hidden strengths. These courses are for students of all ages and backgrounds and teach communication and collaborative skills, confidence, self-reliance, and compassion. > More


Gap Year Programs are long courses offered in remote, rugged wilderness settings that broaden students' world views while building skills in teamwork and leadership. This program is an ideal alternative for college-age students looking for something beyond the traditional classroom environment and for those who want to learn by doing. No other Outward Bound experience is as in-depth, absorbing, or comprehensive as our wilderness semester courses. > More


Pathfinder courses are a great way for young adults to pause and take a step back from all of those influencers and get to know themselves. These 30-day expeditions help students explore their strengths and values, identify future goals, and create an action plan for the future. Throughout the course, you’ll participate in life coaching sessions and structured goal-setting activities that help clarify priorities, strengthen character, and define a new, self-directed path. > More


Our 50-day Outdoor Educator courses are designed to provide participants with the skills and experiences they need to begin a career in the outdoor experiential education industry. Outward Bound has trained many educators and offers a premier learning experience. By learning 'hands-on,' students will gain a better understanding of both the technical and teaching skills that will prepare them for an entry-level position as an outdoor or experiential education educator. > More


Family courses offer the same challenges as any Outward Bound course, with an added focus on deepening the relationship between a parent and child. On this course, you and your child will learn about teamwork, communication, and respect as you accomplish things you never imagined. > More


Tuition- and transportation-free wilderness expeditions designed specifically for veterans and active service members transitioning back to civilian lives. Veterans expeditions help to reinforce the gratification, confidence, and self-worth that comes with working within a group and build the skills necessary to successfully return to life after wartime service. > More 


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