A Ripple of Impact

An Outward Bound course is a single experience generating a ripple of impact. Data tells us that alumni leave course with increased perseverance, self-awareness, the ability to work with others, and self-regulation. With these skills, alumni are more prepared to navigate the shifts int he world today, improving their lives and their communities. 



Outward Bound Professional Learning Lab

Of 2,344 students on courses 3 days or longer and across 9 Outward Bound Schools in the US, the % of students that reported improvements in each area, are as follows:

Life Skills

Every Outward Bound course is built around a progression that delivers powerful life lessons by encouraging participants to safely and confidently step outside their comfort zones while traveling in spectacular wilderness areas. The distinction - training through rather than for - is at the essence of the Outward Bound dynamic. The sea, mountains and desert provide training that no institute or university can offer. These landscapes, in tandem with Outward Bound principles, teach the hard, technical skills necessary for survival, but also teach the relevant skills necessary for life.

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