Our Educators

Blake Burks

Whitewater Program Manager

Alyssa Casey

Mountains Course Director

Cliff Coy

Mountains Course Director and Instructor

Caroline Feeney

Associate Program Director at Cedar Rock Base Camp

Lark Gardner

Mountains & Patagonia Field Instructor & Virtual Instructor

Jeff Goldberg

Outward Bound Professional Senior Facilitator

Sarah Goldman

Mountains and OBX Instructor, OBP Facilitator

Trish Haitz

Florida Base Camp Program Director; Sea kayaking and Mountains Instructor; Veterans Program Instructor

Spencer Huffman

Climbing Program Manager

Addie Hurwitz

Mountains Instructor

Karthik Maddineni

Mountains Lead Instructor & Climbing Specialist

Ann McElfresh

Outward Bound Professional Facilitator

Eli Mills

Mountains Course Director and OBP Facilitator

Taylor Petty

Mountains Instructor

Stiles Rader

Mountains Program Director; Patagonia Instructor; Whitewater Specialist

Hannah Blue Rose

Instructor; Course Director; Whitewater Specialist

Michelle Sissine

Outward Bound Professional Facilitator

Anthony Sousa

Mountains, Outer Banks and Florida Instructor

Hillary Stradtman

Mountains, Florida, Outer Banks and Intercept Instructor; Mountains Course Director

Eric Strickler

Mountains Instructor

Bob Stout

Outward Bound Professional Facilitator

Lizzie Thompson

Mountains and Florida Instructor

Michelle Tuday

Mountains Instructor; Climbing Specialist

Lindsay Ward

Mountains and Florida Instructor and Course Director

Elena Wong

Outward Bound Professional Facilitator

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