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Since 1990, when we established our first scholarship center in Atlanta, NCOBS has advanced a regional strategy designed to maximize positive, community-level impacts. NCOBS regional scholarship programs now serve Western NC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and South Florida. From schools to corporations, veterans service groups and community organizations as diverse as the students we serve, we work with partners to identify pressing needs and then to deliver the Outward Bound experience in the context of a community-based network of support. Thousands of alumni from each community—students, educators, military veterans and corporate teams—form an ever-growing web of positive community impact. Generous corporate, foundation and individual supporters provide 100% of the funding for NCOBS' regional scholarship programs. Corporate sponsors committed to improving the communities where they live and work are key to our regional success. Together, we can improve schools and leverage measurable positive changes to have lasting impact on the larger community.


In 1967, while the nation rallied to address poverty, civil rights, and equal access to opportunity for all citizens, several of the state's prominent business and educational leaders founded the NC Outward Bound School to provide an innovative educational program to address these needs. Their mission was to improve society—one individual at a time—by challenging people to discover their strength, resilience, capacity for leadership and collaborative problem-solving, and their passion for serving others. Fifty years and 175,000 alumni later, this mission is more relevant than ever.

Last year, 5,376 diverse students participated in our programs. Thanks to our supporters, we provided $2,601,464 to 51% of these students in scholarships and financial aid. 

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