Rufus Dalton Scholarship

A scholarship for cms students


The Rufus M. Dalton Leadership Scholarship was established in 2014 in honor of its namesake and his 90th birthday. From his service in World War II, where he earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his heroic service, to his career as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mission worker, Sunday school teacher, volunteer, role model, and pillar of our community, Rufus is an inspiration to many. He has supported countless worthy causes with his time, wisdom and guidance, but perhaps his most profound influence has been a defining role and his decades-long tenure on the board of North Carolina Outward Bound School.  


This annual scholarship awards an exemplary student with an all-expenses-paid, 9, 14, or 22-day backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater canoeing course in the Blue Ridge Mountains. These expeditions teach students technical skills such as navigation, camp craft, the basics of backpacking or rock climbing and much more. As students learn these skills in challenging situations, they also learn the value of teamwork, compassion for others and the pursuit of excellence. 

These expeditions push students physically, socially and emotionally. Often when they think they’ve reached their limits, they find there is more within them. Surrounded by the pristine natural world and a crew of adventurous peers, students work as a team to achieve goals and learn skills.  

Included in this award is the cost for the course, provision of gear required for the wilderness course, and round-trip ground transportation.  


Eligible applicants must: 

  • Be a current high school student (9th – 12th grade) 
  • Attend a Charlotte-Mecklenburg High School  
  • Show a proven desire to lead and serve others 
  • Demonstrate financial need 


STEP 1: Fill out our interest form below to receive an email from the Charlotte Program Coordinator with application details.

STEP 2: Get your application in. The deadline will be 5:00 PM, March 18, 2022. If you have questions, please contact Alexys J. Taylor, NCOBS Charlotte Program Coordinator at ataylor@ncobs.org 

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