North Carolina Outward Bound School celebrates compassion, inclusion, and diversity. 

Beginning in 1920, Outward Bound’s founder, Kurt Hahn, served as headmaster of Germany’s famed Salem School. By 1933, Adolf Hitler had ascended to power, sowing the seeds of hatred and discord throughout Germany. When Nazi stormtroopers violently executed a young communist dissenter while his mother bore witness, Kurt Hahn, a jew himself, publicly challenged Hitler’s discriminatory policies by imploring Salem School’s community members to denounce Nazism. Kurt Hahn’s brave stance against discrimination resulted in his expulsion to the United Kingdom, where he continued his work as an influential educator. Hahn’s first-hand experience with war and discrimination crystallized Outward Bound’s primary objective: developing compassion, above all. 

Staff and Board Commitment

Broader Representation and Welcoming Environment for Staff and Board: We commit to ensuring that our staff, leadership, and board members reflect diversity in its many forms. We will achieve this by committing to a culture of collaboration, feedback, inclusion, and transparency so people of all identities feel they belong, have a voice, and play a role in decision-making processes. NCOBS is an equal opportunity employer. > Learn about our commitment to staff. 

Student Commitments

Course Access and Relevancy: We commit to reexamining course types, course length, outcomes, fees, gear, language, and other barriers to ensure we reach a greater diversity of students and address issues that are important to communities in which we operate.

Cultural Responsiveness and Inclusive Course Environments: We commit to working to create course cultures and curriculum that appropriately support, and challenge students based on their identities and experiences, so they thrive and are empowered to make the world a more compassionate and inclusive place.

Partnership Commitment

Reciprocity with Partners: We commit to engaging in deeper and reciprocal partnerships with organizations engaging in equity work in outdoor education, including schools and community organizations that can collaborate with us to support the needs of marginalized communities.

Diversity and Non-Discrimination Statement 

North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS) prohibits discrimination against any student or applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability, or any other category which may be protected by applicable state or federal law. NCOBS also promotes respect for all people, and will not tolerate harassment based on any of these characteristics nor on differences based on gender identity or expression. 

NCOBS is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion work as it pertains to our staff, students, board and partners> Learn more about our DEI efforts




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