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Application due date: May 7, 2021 

For questions about the application or if an extension is needed please contact Alexys J. Taylor, Charlotte Program Coordinator: ataylor@ncbos.org | 704.790.9805. 

The 2021 Unity Project Scholarship is for current 9 –11th-grade students of the following Charlotte-Mecklenburg Unity High Schools: Butler, East Meck, Focus Garinger, Hawthorne, Mallard Creek, Myers Park, South Meck 

The Charlotte Unity Project is, “a visceral, emotional and physical journey with 14 complete strangers in the wilderness that challenges you, pushes your limits, hurts you, strengthens you, makes you laugh, makes you cry, forges a deep bond of trust, understanding, and love between you and your crewmates, and enlightens you about life in a way that causes you to reevaluate everything. It was one of the most freeing, startlingly real experiences I’ve ever had.”  
-Myers Park High School Unity Alum, Ethan Tobin. 

About the Unity Project

The Unity Project is a program that operates in Charlotte in partnership with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. A group of up to 12 students from each Unity high school is chosen to represent the diversity - and its many forms - of their community. They then embark on a fully-funded wilderness back-packing and rope climbing expedition in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC. The course is designed to assert their common humanity, to develop their courage and compassion as leaders, to establish a space to discuss challenging social justice issues, and to create a model community within their crew. Upon returning home, each student joins their school’s Unity Club to organize and implement two projects that address issues that affect their school and their community.  

Course Date: June 7 – June 13, 2021  

COVID-19 - We will continue to monitor all metrics before the resumption of programs. Safety is our number one priority for all our students and staff.  For more information about our COVID Protocol please click here: https://www.ncobs.org/travel-advisory/ 

Step 1: Complete the Unity Project course application 

Please fill out the Unity Project course application completely. Make sure to complete the short answer questions. 

Step 2: Turn in your application 

If completing the application on paper, please submit it to your Unity Advisor. You may also scan or take a picture of the application and send it to Alexys J. Taylor, Charlotte Program Coordinator: ataylor@ncbos.org | 704.790.9805. 

Step 3: Notification 

You will be notified by Alexys J. Taylor, Charlotte Program Coordinator if you have been selected to participate in the Unity Course. Once notified, you will be given a personal link to view more details about medical paperwork, departure location, gear, and more! 

Step 4: Embark on your NCOBS Unity journey 

Round trip ground transportation from a designated high school will be provided to all students selected. Gear such as hiking backpacks, tarps, sleep bags, sleeping mats, utensils, food, and rain gear will be provided. More details about required gear are given to awarded recipients.  

You do NOT need any outdoor experience to participate. You do NOT have to be an athlete or highly-trained to attend this course. You DO have to be physically capable and active. Suggested physical preparation will be given to students who are chosen. 

Step 4: Organize and implement your school project  

Upon returning home, each student joins their school’s Unity Club to organize and implement two projects that address issues that affect their school and their community. This is led by the Unity students, the school’s Unity Advisorand Charlotte Program Coordinator. 

NOTE: By completing the form below, you are committing to participate in the Unity Project. You understand that, if chosen, you will commit to full participation in all aspects of the program, including both the wilderness course and school/community component. 

*Not a part of the listed Unity Schools? Feel free to apply for our other scholarships:  

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