Application & Cancellation Policies

Updated 4/14/2023

Please review this page thoroughly before making any further financial commitment. We acknowledge there is a lot to read but all the information is important as you are about to make a significant commitment of money and time. If you are the parent of an applicant, you are making an investment in the growth and development of your child as well as giving the gift of an amazing opportunity. We recommend you review these financial commitment policies with your child as you will be relying on them to contribute considerable effort during course and be an active, responsible and safe participant.

It is up to parents/legal guardians to fulfill any obligations or decision-making agreements in joint custody situations. Similarly, third party payers should be made aware of all financial obligations, fees or penalties.

North Carolina Outward Bound School's (NCOBS) payment terms and conditions are based on our investment in planning, staffing and course delivery. These expenses are not recoverable; therefore, cancellation penalties apply, see Cancellation Policy section below.

We will not issue refunds except as outlined in this document. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider protecting your financial investment. Families who do not choose one of the recommendations below will not be granted refunds other than as listed in the Cancellation Policy


North Carolina Outward Bound School requires a $500 deposit submitted at time of application. The $500 deposit is applied toward the course tuition and includes a *$150 non-refundable processing fee.

The *$150 processing fee is refundable only under the following conditions:

  • If you have met all due dates and did not receive the amount of scholarship aid needed.
  • North Carolina Outward Bound School cancels your course.

There is no deposit required to apply for Veteran Programs.

Past Due

If your payment or required forms are not received by the due dates noted in your Applicant Portal, this may be considered a cancellation due to inactive status and you will lose your position on the course as well as the $500 deposit. To avoid cancellation due to an inactive status, contact your student services representative to discuss possible extensions.

Cancellation Policy

The deposit includes a $150 non-refundable processing fee. The remaining $350 is refundable if you cancel your enrollment 90 days or more prior to your course start date.

If you cancel 89 days or less prior to your course start date, the cancellation penalties listed below will apply. If you have not paid your full tuition by the due date, there are no refunds or percentage refunds of partial payments.

For cancellations:

  • 89 to 75 days prior to the course start date, Outward Bound will retain the $500 tuition deposit and will refund the remaining balance.
  • 74 to 45 days prior to the course start date, Outward Bound will retain the $500 tuition deposit and will refund 50% of the remaining balance.
  • 44 days or less prior to the course start date, Outward Bound will retain all payments.

In the event you are not cleared to participate, North Carolina Outward Bound School will retain the $150 non-refundable processing fee. The remaining $350 is refundable ONLY if you responded with full disclosure while completing the health history questionnaire at time of application, met all required due dates and the screening process has been completed.

NCOBS is not responsible for other expenses including travel, lodging and gear costs.

Trip and Tuition Related Insurance 

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Airfare, related travel costs, and non-refundable tuition payments are expensive. Insurance to protect your trip and course is not required but strongly recommended. If you choose not to purchase insurance and cancel your course or leave your course early you will be held to the terms of the Cancellation Policy (See above).

Outward Bound offers an option for insuring these costs from the third-party provider InsureMyTrip through its Academic Explorer Program. This program has coverage options that include your travel costs and the non-refundable tuition costs. A link to that program’s insurance coverage options is above. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase trip related insurance through a different insurance provider. In either case, the amount and type of coverage you choose is your responsibility and must be discussed directly with the provider.   

Emergency Evacuation Insurance 

You may also want to consider insurance for the cost of Emergency Evacuation. Health insurance often does not cover the cost of emergency evacuation by air or other means and these costs can be very expensive. North Carolina Outward Bound School will not be financially responsible for these costs in the event that your student requires evacuation. 

The Academic Explorer Program offered through InsureMyTrip does not offer coverage for emergency evacuation. You will need to purchase that coverage from a different insurance provider.  

Outward Bound makes no representations or warranties about these insurance options or how they handle claims.   


Tuition covers the cost of provided food, instructors, permits, gear and equipment. Not included in this cost are personal expenses such as clothing, insurance (health and course), airfare and baggage fees.

Full payment is due 90 days prior to the course start date even if you have yet to submit your required forms or have yet to be cleared to participate.  


A $500 deposit is required for a waitlist application. This deposit includes a:  
  • $150 non-refundable processing fee
  • $350 tuition payment refundable only if you cancel your waitlist application before a position becomes available* or an open position never becomes available. 

Exception: Outward Bound will refund your full $500 deposit if Outward Bound cancels your course and you are unable to transfer to another course. 

If a position becomes available, the waitlist applicant will be applied to the open position and our Cancellation Policy will apply. 

 *If you no longer wish to be waitlisted, contact us immediately to cancel your waitlist application!

Applicants may only apply to only one course. We recommend applying to a course with open positions rather than a course accepting waitlist applications. Due to high demand, available positions are extremely competitive; therefore, waitlist applicants are expected to complete all required forms. We select waitlist applicants based on responsiveness to deadlines and level of commitment to participate. Positions may become available as late as one to two weeks prior to the course start date.  

Early Departures or No Shows

Our intent is to support students to successfully complete their course. However, medical issues, homesickness, voluntary withdrawal, low motivation or expulsion may prevent a student from completing a course. Should a student leave course early, parents will be contacted to arrange travel. If your child is on a course for ages 18+, please read our Release of Information Waiver contained within the applicant's portal.

No matter the reason for early departures or no shows at course start, there will be no refund or credit of tuition.

Course Confirmation

We work diligently to confirm courses as early as possible. However, due to circumstances such as enrollment, weather and/or staffing, course confirmation may be delayed.  

Once the course is confirmed, your student services representative will notify families by email.  

Course Cancellation 

Should the North Carolina Outward Bound School cancel a course, we will endeavor to notify applicants two weeks prior to course start or as quickly as possible. For course length of 30 days+, our goal notification is one month prior to course start or as quickly as possible.

Should we cancel your course, all payments are refundable or transferable to another course. The North Carolina Outward Bound School is not responsible for any other expenses including travel, insurances, lodging or clothing/gear.


If you transfer:

  • 60 days or more prior to course start date, 100% of fully paid tuition transfers to a new course. A $100 transfer fee will apply to subsequent transfers.
  • 59-30 days prior to course start date, 50% of fully paid tuition transfers to a new course and 50% is forfeited.
  • Less than 30 days prior to course start date, no payments transfer. 




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