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Turn individuals & groups into high-performance leaders & teams. 

In the wilderness or the boardroom, anywhere in the country, North Carolina Outward Bound School can help improve your organization’s performance through leadership, team skills, effective communication and trust.

The Outward Bound Professional curriculum emphasizes individual transformation through challenge and integrates best practices learned from top-performing organizations and organizational development leaders. Outward Bound Professional annually serves more than 7,000 individuals and 400 corporate, non-profit and government organizations, helping them achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The Programs

The most powerful and sustainable learning comes from direct, relevant, concrete experiences. As corporate America’s premier provider of experiential leadership and team development, we will design a custom program to achieve your outcomes. Several frameworks exist, including the following:

Immersion Expedition Program

Three-to-five-day, wilderness-based programs are unparalleled for accelerated team performance and breakthrough leadership learning. These are tremendously effective when integrated into your internal leadership initiatives and are powerful as stand-alone team and leadership events. Most programs take place in the North Carolina mountains. The Ten Thousand Islands of Southwest Florida and South America are among other options.

Intensive Insight Program

These one- and two-day programs deliver a powerful team and relationship-building experience that would otherwise take weeks, months or years to develop. Participants will walk away with better knowledge of their colleagues and more open channels of communication and trust. These programs take place at our state-of-the-art Odyssey High Challenge course in Atlanta, truly a next-generation high ropes course, providing significant acceleration of team performance.

Accelerated Insight Program

Where else can you move your employees further along the relationship and team-building continuum with only a four-hour investment? Create a high-performance team as your group members learn about their colleagues, accelerate networking ability and grow professional relationships. The results: increased commitment to your organization and greater productivity. We can deliver these programs at a conference center, resort, park or at your site.


Outward Bound Professional will develop the hidden potential of your organization by improving your organization's:

  • Leadership capacity
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Increasing productivity
  • Strengthening your bench of leadership talent
  • Accelerating the induction of new employees
  • Facilitating strategic alignment
  • Leading change and innovation
  • Improving internal communication skills
  • Inspiring participants to achieve the seemingly impossible

Our Trainers

Our people are truly some of the best in the country at experiential training and development, chosen from a select pool of senior leadership training staff with years of experience working with a variety of corporate clients, both large and small. They are consistently recognized for their skill, experience and passion.

Sample Itinerary

1-Day Insight Program

  • Welcome and Introduction Review-program goals, expectations, safety and set tone by senior organization representative.
  • Mental and Physical Stretching Initial-warm-up activities and review of characteristics of high performance teams.
  • Trust Sequences Group-initiatives strengthen trust and explore the limits, benefits, and applications of trust in the workplace. Facilitated discussions follow each exercise to insure learnings are captured.
  • Problem-Solving Initiatives-tailored problem-solving activities that increase in complexity and explore issues of teamwork, effective communication, work processes and leadership.
  • Debrief Morning Discussion-key individual and team skills, obstacles that impede individual and team success, expand on key learnings.
  • Lunch Check-in to insure pace, approach, and objectives are in alignment with expectations.
  • Project Based Teamwork-a series of increasingly complex tasks to focus on team performance and assessment.
  • Day Review Evaluation-of the successes and challenges of the day and lay ground work for individual and Team Action Plans to apply learnings to the workplace.

4-Day Wilderness Program

  • Day 1-Travel to base camp accommodations or wilderness area, followed by orientation and discussion of program goals and objectives. Begin Expedition.
  • Day 2-A combination of team initiatives, backpacking, rock climbing and canoeing. Facilitated discussions on experiences and how they apply to the work environment.
  • Day 3-A full day of orienteering and/or project-based team initiatives focused on improving ways the group works together.
  • Day 4-Final team project, and Team Action Plans, departure.



Cox Enterprises' Executive Leadership Program

Each year Cox Enterprises runs an intensive Executive Leadership Development Program, which targets high-potential managers who are being groomed to run one of Cox’s varied businesses, such as a television station or automobile auction company. Read more »

The Home Depot

The Home Depot culture, which is a significant strength of the Company, emphasizes a decentralized approach to management, and it encourages entrepreneurial innovation and high levels of commitment, teamwork, and enthusiasm by its associates. In the midst of an unprecedented expansion, doubling the number of stores, the need for highly effective assistant store managers, who are able to provide leadership and coaching to store associates, is essential. Read more »

Kurt Salmon Associates

Kurt Salmon Associates is an international consulting firm that specializes in the retail and consumer products industries. Consultants working for KSA spend the majority of their own time working at the client’s site in small project teams including both KSA and client employees. Read more »

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