Rooted in individual behaviors, an organization's culture reflects its belief system and values. How will we communicate?  How will we make decisions? Problem-solve?  Resolve conflict?  Support one other? Celebrate success?   

By separating teams from workplace settings, where preconceived notions can affect participation, Outward Bound Professional encourages individuals to take a fresh look. Natural tendencies, both individual and collective, surface for examination, and allow for facilitated discussions on how these can support creating or reinforcing a positive workplace environment. 


For groups to access their potential, individual team members must know they can offer fresh ideas, try new things, and question norms without fear. When Individuals know that they have permission to think and act differently, innovation is unleashed. Better still, when team members know it's okay to make mistakes, they push boundaries and strive for excellence more freely. 

Having consulted with professionals since the early 1960s, Outward Bound Professional draws from a deep well of program concepts designed to highlight the critical elements of high-performance teams including, strategy & planning, communication, conflict resolution, and change management.  


Successful organizations increasingly value leaders who place their teams ahead of themselves, encourage risk-taking, demonstrate self-awareness, model vulnerability to build trust, and treat others with empathy. 

As with any classic wilderness course, Outward Bound Professional promotes individual and group reflection on the behaviors and choices that have produced results during the program. Participants recognize their own responses to adversity, tendencies when leading and following, and effects on group dynamics.  

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