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Enrollment Policies and Procedures

North Carolina Outward Bound seeks students who are motivated to meet the challenges of our courses. Because of the unique nature of an Outward Bound experience, our courses are not appropriate for people with behavioral, motivational or rehabilitation issues. We reserve the right to deny admission to anyone we deem unable to meet the physical, mental and safety expectations of our programs.

You may also want to review our Cancellation & Transfer Policy.

 Application Process 

    1).   Choose your North Carolina Outward Bound course. You can use our Course Area Section and Course Finder on the right hand side of this page for individual courses.

    If you, your school, organization or business are interested to bringing an in-tact group, use the Request Information Forms under the Sections for Schools & Groups or Professionals & Organizations.


     2).   Apply for a course by following the steps outlined in our Planning section. When you apply, be prepared to:

    a). Pay a non-refundable Application Fee of $125, if you are applying 60 days before the course start date.

    b). If you are applying 59 days of LESS prior to the course start date, be prepared to pay full tuition and fees (fees not included in tuition are: $125 non-refundable Application Fee and $125 In-Course Transportation Fee).

    c). Answer our medical pre-screen questions with our Admissions Advisor. If you apply online or by fax or mail, our Admissions Advisor will contact you within one business day of receiving your application to complete this prescreen.

    d). Receive your Application Packet


    3).   Complete the Application Packet and return by the due dates noted in your Registration E-mail. (As outlined in our Planning section, Application Packets are generally sent via email. We can mail if the applicant requires.)

    NOTE DUE DATES: If the required forms are not received by the due dates, your application may be deemed "INACTIVE" and your position on course will be made available for others and you will forfeit any tuition and/or fee payments. 


    4). Pay the balance of tuition and In-Course Transportation Fee-- due 60 days prior to your course start. Refer to your Registration E-mail for due dates!


    5). Our review process will begin once we have received all your required forms and conduct an informal interview. This process may require additional infromation from third parties; such as, physicians or counselor/therapists in order to move your application through to "approved to participate" on course.

Please note: Final acceptance on course is contingent upon our full review of the materials in your Application Packet.

Course Costs


You tuition cost covers food, instructions, land use permits, equipment use, technical gear associated with activities, and other costs associated with running outdoor programs. Participants will be required to bring some personal gear, footwear and clothing, which will be clearly listed on the Clothing & Gear List in the Application Packet. Other costs for participants will be travel to and from the course start/end location and, if required, a physician's examination.

Application Fee

The Application Fee is a $125 non-refundable charge which covers the expenses associated with processing your application.

This fee is refundable ONLY if:

a). You are waitlisted an a space does not open for you.

b). We cancel your course.

c). You apply for and do not receive the scholarship support you require to participate. In order to receive this refund, you MUST have met all required deadlines. If not, the fee will be forfeited.

In-Course Transportation Fee

The In-Course Transportation Fee of $125 covers transportation to and from the courses start and end location as well as any travel that may be required to/from course activities.

Our semester course will have additional travel expenses for group flights between course locations. International courses may be subject to program changes that require additional fees as well. Our staff will inform students of approximate costs should these additional expenses be required.

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