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At North Carolina Outward Bound School, we have something for everyone! Check out these upcoming featured courses and staff favorites. If you have questions about these courses or would like to enroll, please call us at (888) 756-2627 or email info@ncobs.org.

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Instructor Courses

Blue Ridge Mountains Outdoor Educator

Dates: 3.7.22 - 4.25.22

Ages: 18+

As the oldest and leading provider of wilderness education in the world, Outward Bound provides comprehensive training on the fundamentals needed to become effective outdoor educators. On course, you and your crew will practice technical outdoor expedition skills, how to cook and set up camp in the backcountry, orienteering, rock climbing and rappelling, and navigating Class I-Class III rapids. By learning ‘hands-on,’ you will gain a better understanding of both the technical and teaching skills needed for a career in outdoor education.

Adult Courses

10,000 Islands Sea Kayaking

Dates: 3.8.22 - 3.13.22

Ages: 18+

On this expedition, you will be paddling through lush mangrove tunnels in a land of contrast: between tropic and semi-tropic, land and sea, and salt and fresh water. You and your crew will learn to work together to read tide charts, explore unique ecosystems, cook, and set-up camp on white sandy beaches under the stars as you paddle to new areas each day. You will also learn about what makes the Ten Thousand Islands famous worldwide, the unique ecological value of the area, and how we can better take care of it.

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