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Veterans and Service Members

Challenge. Adventure. Camaraderie.

We're Getting Veterans and Service Members Outward Bound!

Veterans and Service Members Backpacking and Rock Climbing  - October 2011

Click here to view the 2012-2013 Veterans and Service Members Program flyer!

For over 20 years, Outward Bound has run wilderness expeditions specifically designed for war veterans. Outward Bound draws on the healing benefit of team work, challenge, friendship and the natural world, to help with transitions back into life at home whether you have retired from the military or are home between deployments.

Now, through generous funding, this tremendous opportunity for adventure, challenge and self-discovery is available TUITION FREE* to Veterans and Service Members!

These programs are designed to be fun, fast and challenging. They are suited for those in good physical condition and are opportunities for Veterans and Service Members to:

  • Take a break from their busy lives
  • Challenge themselves in new ways
  • Develop skills that will assist them in re-adjusting to life at home
  • Candidly discuss obstacles faced by Veterans and Service Members  
  • Rediscover their physical and emotional strengths
  • Enjoy a unique and inspiring adventure surrounded by fellow Veterans and Service Members in the beauty of the country for which they have served.

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VIDEO: Hear what Veterans and Service Members have to say about Outward Bound and to see some highlights of a Veterans and Service Members program check out this video shot by the PAO at Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, North Carolina.


 VIDEO: Hear what participants have to say about their veterans course with North Carolina Outward Bound. This video was shot with crew NVT124 7/4-7/9/12. 

An Incredible Source of Healing: Andy with Veteran’s Outward Bound Sea Kayaking Course, Outer Banks North Carolina, May 14 -20, 2013 - Veteran Andy Quinn, USMC, Retired writes about his experience on course.

OVT131 5/14-5/20/13


MORE INFORMATION: For more information about these programs contact the Veterans and Service Members Program Manager, Matthew Rosky, by calling 1-866-699-6262 or by e-mail with “Veterans and Service Members Program” in the subject line at mrosky@ncobs.org.

*COMMITMENT FEE: The tuition expense for our Veterans and Service Members Programs are fully funded by several generous donors. These anonymous donors believe that investing money in an Outward Bound experience for our veterans and service members honors their service to our country. Short notice cancellations deplete the funds that have been so generously provided by our donors.

 Veterans and Service members must place a credit card number on file at the time of their enrollment. Veterans and Service Members will be charged a $250 Cancellation Fee Penalty ONLY if they cancel 30 days or less prior to their program start. If a Service Member is on active duty, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves, and receives orders to deploy the Cancellation Fee will be waived.

TRAVEL COSTS: North Carolina Outward Bound covers the cost of Veterans and Service Members travel to and from course. If a plane ticket is required we will book the ticket in the Veteran or Service Members name upon approval of their medical forms. If the Veteran or Service Member cancels their attendance after purchase of the plane ticket North Carolina Outward will charge the credit card on file for the cost of the plane ticket.

If the Veteran or Service Member is driving from a point more than 100 miles from the start location of a program, you will be reimbursed for your gas and parking expenses.

Veterans and Service Members have several programs to choose from:

Available Courses

NEVC422  - Decemebr 12-17, 2014

NEVC521 - January 4-9, 2015

NEVC522 - February 11-16, 2015

NEVC523 - February 21-26, 2015

NEVC524 - March 11-16, 2015

NEVC525 - March 22-27, 2015

6-Days Backpacking and Rock Climbing in the Appalachian Mountains

Available Courses

NNVA423 - October 13 - October 18, 2014

7-Days Sea Kayaking in the Outer Banks on the North Carolina coast

Available Courses


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