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Outward Bound Atlanta Overview

Outward Bound Atlanta (OBA) is an extension of North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS) and was established in 1990. It challenges people to build confidence, compassion and community by focusing on urban-based high and low ropes courses and initiatives. Outward Bound Atlanta works with schools, non-profits, community organizations and corporations in the Metro Atlanta area and can design programs to fit a number of needs. See what a principal at one of our parnter schools says about the Outward Bound experience.


Team- Team courses are character development initiatives that teach participants to communicate more effectively, accept others and make positive choices. Team usually takes about three hours to complete and can be held in many different locations. 

Traverse- Traverse offers an opportunity to complete a low ropes challenge day on the Odyssey Ropes Course at the New Schools at Carver. This program challenges participants to work collaboratively, practicing skills like effective communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. Traverse courses take about four hours to complete.

Odyssey- Odyssey programs offer a high ropes course challenge, giving participants the chance to take their leadership skills to new heights. Participants engage in a series of trust-building activities that strengthen their ability to work collectively while supporting each other through the Odyssey High Ropes Course at Carver. Through this program, individuals also discover the benefits of healthy risk-taking, which is an essential skill for success. This course takes about five hours to complete. 

Leadership Club- The Outward Bound Leadership Club is a year-long service-learning program that enhances participants' experience through the development of community service projects and conversation around the Outward Bound principles. These meetings usually happen bi-weekly and can be designed to fit a number of client’s needs. 

Wilderness- Wilderness expeditions, run through the parent organization, NCOBS, will send you outdoors on an expedition to find your inner strength. These programs lend themselves to self-discovery and team building in unfamiliar territory. Wilderness courses come in a variety of lengths and can be held at any of our basecamps in North Carolina, Florida or Patagonia.


Outward Bound Atlanta Clients

Outward Bound Atlanta (OBA) works with a variety of clients in the Metro Atlanta area. From schools to educators and corporations, OBA offers a variety of programs and initiatives that focus on developing leadership, team skills, effective communication and trust. See full client list in Atlanta.

School Programs

OBA works with local school districts to help transform student leadership. We actively engage students and focus on key periods of transition and decision-making in students' lives-- from elementary to middle school years and the first year of high school. Our courses teach students the value of perseverance, and the importance asking for and giving, help. Learn More


Professional Development

Whether in the wilderness, on a ropes course or in the boardroom, Outward Bound can help improve your organization’s performance through leadership, teamwork, effective communication and trust. Outward Bound Professional serves more than 7,000 individuals and 400 corporations and organizations annually, helping them achieve more than they ever thought possible. Learn More




Across the nation educators are recognizing that traditional education does not always meet the needs of today's students. High school curricula often lacks challenge and relevance to life experience. Outward Bound offers a combination of experiential education and educational methodology to ensure educators have the tools they need to support their students' progress and develop their skills. Learn More 



Wilderness Courses

OBA also offers wilderness expeditions through its parent organization, NCOBS. A wilderness course will send you into the great outdoors to find your inner strength. Our commitment to safety, authenticity and leadership development are second to none. During a wilderness course participants learn self-reliance, dicipline, compassion and how to work with one another as a team. Learn More



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