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Changing lives through challenge and discovery.

I realized that I have more strength than I thought I did and I know now that I can do anything I set my mind to.

-Allison, Age 16, Alumna

Outward Bound has been changing lives through challenge and discovery for more than 50 years by using the wilderness as a classroom to provide unparalleled opportunities for discovery, personal growth, self-reliance, teamwork and compassion. Our programs continue to serve people of all ages and walks of life with outdoor expeditions in America's most beautiful wilderness areas, as well as with other innovative programming in classrooms, city parks and in boardrooms.

Our diverse program offerings are a testament to our belief that engaging in challenge activities that require us to dig deep teach us important life skills like, leadership, communication, working as a team, and most importantly, 'there is more in you than you know.'

Wilderness Expedition: Skills for Life. 

The 'original' Outward Bound leadership program. These courses take students deep into beautiful wilderness environments where they must dig deep and discover their hidden strengths. More »

Semester and Gap Year: Learning by doing. 

Gap Year Programs are long courses offered in remote, rugged settings that broaden students' world view while building skills in teamwork, self-reliance and leadership. More »

Schools GroupsNo education is complete without Outward Bound.

Mulit-faceted partnerships with schools that foster analytical thinking, effective communication, and responsible citizenship. These programs are designed to fit the needs and learning styles of the group. More »

Professionals: Unleash the power of people. 

Custom-designed programs that augment leadership training and team development at the workplace for business professionals. More »

Educators ProgramExperiential learning. 

 This year-long program for teachers combines the transformative experiences of our wilderness expeditions with follow-up support in integrating experiential education into the classroom. More »

Veterans Program: Serving those who serve.

Free expeditions designed specifically for veterans and active service members transitioning into civilian lives. More »


Special Programs

Families In Need of Services: (FINS).

Prevention program delivered in Florida for at-risk youth and status offenders emphasizing character development, academic achievement and social responisibility. More »

Struggling Teens and Young Adults: Intercept.

Programs for troubled teens and young adults that teach conflict resolution, goal-setting, communication and decision-making skills. More »

Heroic Journey: Grieving teens.

A unique Outward Bound adventure designed for teens coping with the death of a loved one. Whether it's climbing majestic mountains or rappelling down granite cliffs, participants will discover the strength they have within to face the challenges ahead. More »


Regional Programs

Unity Project: Commited to social change. 

Wilderness-based Charlotte high school program designed to empower young people of diverse backgrounds to become compassionate leaders of social change with school-based follow-up component. More »

Outward Bound AtlantaChallenge by choice. 

Outward Bound Atlanta offers a wide range of team builidng programs delivered to Metro Atlanta groups of elementary, middle and high school students. These coureses challenge students to build confidence, character and community as well as improve academic achievement through urban high and low rope course programs. More »

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