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At North Carolina Outward Bound School, we have something for everyone! Check out these upcoming featured courses and staff favorites. If you have questions about these courses or would like to enroll, please call us at (888) 756-2627 or email info@ncobs.org.

College Age Expeditions

Pathfinder - Backpacking, Rock Climbing & Whitewater Canoeing

Course Length: 30 days

Ages: 18-25

Dates: March 22 - April 20

Our Pathfinder expeditions are designed for young adults who are recent high school graduates, college students, or young adults seeking personal, educational, or professional direction. Throughout these 30-day expeditions, students focus on increasing self-knowledge, clarifying values, strengthening decision-making skills and processes, and setting goals – all life skills to help chart a path toward independence with confidence and passion.


Instructor Development - NC

Course Length: 50 days

Ages: 18-30

Dates: March 9 - April 27, 2017

This 50-day expedition is your opportunity to take part in hands-on learning and gain a keen understanding of the technical and teaching skills you’ll need for a career as an outdoor educator. Learn to cook and set up camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains backcountry, orienteer, rock climb, rappel and navigate class I-III rapids. At every step of the journey, receive valuable feedback from peers and instructors that furthers your development as an outdoor educator, individual, teammate and leader. During the expedition, you’ll have the opportunity to earn college credit, Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification and complete a service project. No prior experience is necessary.

Adult Expeditions

10,000 Islands Sea Kayaking- FL

Length: 7 days

Ages 30+

Dates: Feb 11 - 17

Traveling by kayak means your crew carries all of the necessary gear, food and water needed for the entire expedition. This kind of travel provides the ultimate freedom and ability to travel nimbly through this diverse ecosystem. Work together with your crew to learn to read tide charts and maps, explore fragile and unique ecosystems and cook and set up camp on white sandy beaches under the stars.


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