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Featured Courses 

At North Carolina Outward Bound School, we have something for everyone! Check out these upcoming featured courses and staff favorites. Call us toll free at 888-756-2627 or enroll online.

Teen Courses

Outer Banks Sea Kayaking

Course Length: 8-day

Ages: 16-18

Dates: June 19-June 26

This sea kayaking course will have participants expeditioning by through the 200 mile stretch of barrier islands of the coast of NorthCarolina, known as the Outer Banks. From tales of the Lost Colony, the Wright Brothers and Blackbeard the pirate, the Outer Banks are steeped in legends and history, setting the stage for an amazing experience. Participants will travel along the Cape Lookout National Seashore, learn to read tide charts, paddle past lighthouses and wild ponies, and camp on sandy beaches each evening.


Blue Ridge Mountains Backpacking and Rock Climbing

Course Length: 14-day

Ages: 14-16

Dates: July 23 - August 5

During this course, students will spend most of their time backpacking over varied terrain but there will be ample breaks and time to enjoy the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the company of their crew. This course also allows for a rock climbing portion that helps to break up the on-foot expedition days. In addition to learning new skills in backcountry travel and climbing, participants will also develop confidence, teamwork and leadership skills while working together with their group to meet daily goals. No prior experience is necessary. Participants just have to be willing to dig deep, embrace the moment, and tackle the challenge. Financial aid and academic credit is available for many courses. 

Blue Ridge Mountains Backpacking, Rock Climbing, and Whitewater Canoeing

Course Length: 22-day

Ages: 14-16

Dates: July 14-Augus 4, 2015

Although it seems like a long time, this course is actually the most optimal for getting the 'true' Outward Bound experience. In the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests students will work together to make their way through lush forests, cook their own meals and set-up camp in the backcountry, navigate rivers by canoe, build trust belaying one another and learn Leave No Trace techniques to minimize theirimpact on the land. After long days of challenge and adventure, students will be rewarded with skills that will last a lifetime.

Struggling Teens and Young Adults

Florida Canoeing for Teens

Course Lenth: 20 days

Ages: 12-13

Dates: July 22 - August 10, 2015

This course is designed to serve teens, ages 12-13, and their families by helping them address behaviors such as unhealthy risk-taking, low motivation, defiance or poor school performance. Courses are presented as metaphors for the transition to adulthood and designed to help young adults connect their desire for more freedom with the reality that they must take on additional responsibility.


Florida Canoeing for Teens

Course Length: 28-days

Ages: 14-17

Throughout the course students will be introduced to the joys and challenges of expeditionary canoe travel, camp craft and group dynamics while traveling in the unique ecosystems of Florida’s waterways. During a struggling youth and young adult course the ratio of instructors to students is, at maximum, 1:5 and there are at least two instructors per course. Often times we have three staff and a maximum of 11 students. The groups of instructors are generally co-ed, unless it is a student group of a single gender.


Florida Canoeing for Young Adults

Course Length: 28 days

Ages: 18-22

Dates: June 12 - July 9, 2015

Throughout the course students will be introduced to the joys and challenges of expeditionary canoe travel, camp craft and group dynamics while traveling in the unique ecosystems of Florida’s waterways. These new activities, crewmates and environments help to break bad habits and patterns as well as coach students on discovering the next positive step in their lives.

International Courses

Blue Ridge Mountains to Florida to Patagonia

Course Length: 72

Ages: 18-30

Dates: Sept. 15 - Nov 23, 2015

Embark on the journey of a lifetime on a 72-day Semester Course. Rock climb in the majestic mountains of North Carolina, journey by river through the canopied forests and barrier islands of Florida and finish your journey summiting peaks in South America's Patagonia. Students can even earn their Wilderness First Responder Certification!

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