Electronic Devices

In our everyday lives, technology is always at our fingertips. By contrast, in the life of an Outward Bound participant, you have the unique opportunity to unplug and fully immerse yourself in the wilderness to connect with your crewmates and instructors.



  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS devices, asset tracking devices (such as Airtags), and/or any other wi-fi enabled electronic devices are not permitted while on course.
  • No cell phone cameras allowed.


  • Carry your cell phone with you to course start. Your cell will be locked in a group storage bin with your luggage at our facility while you are on course. You’ll be reunited with your cell phone at course end.
  • Bring a camera to record the events of course – either a waterproof disposable camera or a digital camera with a small “dry bag” or Ziplock bag for storage. Our courses are rigorous and there is a risk of losing or damaging your camera.

Safety and Risk Management

Please review our Safety and Risk Management page.