Tobacco and Nicotine Policy

Our wilderness courses are physically rigorous, and we recommend you prepare by increasing your cardiovascular fitness and quitting nicotine and tobacco products well before course start. We maintain a Zero-Tolerance Nicotine and Tobacco Policy on most courses. 

However, to increase the accessibility of our Veteran, Educator and Professional programs, we follow an amended Nicotine and Tobacco Policy:   

Use of tobacco (cigarettes/dip) or nicotine (gum, pouches, vape pens) is permitted in the following circumstances:

  • The group has completed travel for the day.
  • No group activities are occurring.
  • Use occurs away from the campsite.
  • Use occurs individually (e.g., no smoke circles).

Participants must get permission for use from their Instructors before each instance (to confirm it is an appropriate time and place) and Instructors will set a time limit to complete use and return to the group.

For nicotine vape pens – cartridges must be unopened, in original packaging and have approval from Instructors to be brought on course.  

Nicotine patches are permitted on course for those who are already using patches as part of their tobacco cessation treatment.