Electronic Devices

Cell phones, tablets, GPS devices and all other electronic devices (exception-digital cameras) are not permitted on course. Electronic devices can be distracting and disruptive to the wilderness experience. Stepping away from these devices encourages participants to focus on their experience and their crewmates.

Cell Phones: Although cell phones are not permitted on course, traveling to and from your course with a cell phone and a charger is encouraged. At course start, you will be asked to turn off your cell phone and store it in your personal luggage. Your luggage will be locked in a group storage bin at our facility while you are on course.

Cameras: Cameras are welcomed at North Carolina Outward Bound. We recommended waterproof disposable cameras. If you elect to bring a non-disposable camera, we advise that you store it in a small “dry bag ” or plastic zip lock-bag. Our courses are rigorous and there is a risk of losing or damaging your camera. Cell phone cameras, tablets and any other Wi-Fi enabled electronic devices with built-in cameras are not permitted on course.