The Clothing and Gear list is the result of many years of staff and participant feedback. Please read and follow these suggestions and the check list closely. 

Optional Items

It's nice to go light, but many past students also recommend bringing the following items:

  • 1 pair climbing shoes*
  • 1 sleeping bag*
  • 1 climbing helmet*
  • 1 backpack (70-80 liter capacity)*
  • 1 climbing harness*
  • 10-20 nutrition bars: you will be provided with all of the food and snacks you need throughout your course; however, many students also prefer to bring their own “power bars.” Power, Cliff, Luna and Balance are all examples of bars that are great nutritional companions in the wilderness.
  • 1 Thermarest pad: You will be provided with a foam sleeping pad; however, many participants prefer an inflatable sleeping pad. Inflatable pads are a bit heavier and can develop leaks. If you bring one, bring a lightweight, ¾ length pad with stuff sack and repair kit.
  • Trekking poles: Help distribute weight while hiking with heavy packs
  • Crazy Creek camp chair

*Must be inspected and approved by instructors at course start