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March 07, 2023 - April 25, 2023

Blue Ridge Mountains Outdoor educator

As the oldest and leading provider of wilderness education in the world, Outward Bound provides training for thousands of outdoor educators. This 50-day course is for those wanting an introduction to the outdoor education profession. By learning ‘hands-on,’ students gain a better understanding of both the technical and teaching skills to prepare them for a career in outdoor education. 

Sample Course Itinerary
This is only a SAMPLE itinerary only. Adjustments will be made due to weather, programming area availability and group dynamics.
DAY 1: Course start, duffle shuffle, team-building initiatives
DAY 2-8: Backpacking training expedition: navigation, camping craft, safety management, and outdoor teaching skills
DAY 9: Resupply and transition day
DAY 10-19: Wilderness First Responder certification
DAY 20-24: Whitewater canoeing: paddle strokes, boat maneuvers, rapid scouting, self-rescue, tandem and solo canoe paddling
DAY 25: Resupply and transition day
DAY 26-28: Backpacking main expedition: advanced navigation and group decision-making
DAY 29: Service project: trail building
DAY 30-31: Skills workshops: risk management, working with diverse populations, facilitation skills
DAY 32-35: Rock climbing: belaying, rappelling, anchor building and multi-pitch climbing
DAY 36: Resupply and transition day
DAY 37: Service project: work with community service organization
DAY 38-39: Ropes course, personal experience and team building, facilitation, rescue skills
DAY 40-43: Solo
DAY 44-47: Backpacking final expedition: leadership and independent student travel
DAY 48: Service project; debrief: student performance evaluations and feedback
DAY 49: Personal challenge event, clean and de-issue gear, graduation ceremony
DAY 50: Course end. Transportation to the airport.