The Clothing and Gear list is the result of many years of staff and participant feedback. Please read and follow these suggestions and the check list closely. 

Types of Fabrics to Bring

Our Clothing and Gear list reflects the layering principle. It is vital that all your clothing be comfortable, quick-drying, and warm. Several layers of light clothing keep you warm and can be adjusted to changes in both weather and activity. For example, wearing a long sleeve shirt, a fleece layer and a jacket allows you to adapt to changing conditions.  

Points to keep in mind while planning and shopping: 

  • Changing weather conditions may require the use of all of the items on the list. However, keep receipts and tags from new purchases so unused items can be returned after course.
  • Most athletic/fitness clothing will be appropriate for course.
  • Check clothing tags to confirm fabrics details.
  • Fabrics such as polyester, nylon, fleece, acrylic, rayon, wool, or name brands like Polartec™, Thinsulate™, COOLMAX®, Smartwool, and Capilene are a few favorites of outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Cotton clothing loses its insulating properties when wet and does not dry quickly. For these reasons, do not bring items made with cotton unless otherwise noted.
  • Also, not bring denim or down clothing (unless otherwise indicated). 
  • Wearing white or light-colored, loose-fitting clothing keeps you cooler and attracts fewer biting insects. Dark colors are acceptable for insulating attire.