The Clothing and Gear list is the result of many years of staff and participant feedback. Please read and follow these suggestions and the check list closely. 

Medications & Medication Updates

Participants will not be permitted to begin their course without their required medications OR with new medications not approved by our Medical Screener.  

All medications (prescription, non-prescription and over-the-counter) must:  

  • Be listed in the applicant’s medical information 
  • Be approved by our Medical Screener prior to course
  • Accompany the participant on course
  • Be in the original medication container with the prescription label intact

Your medication container should not include other medications, vitamins or supplements. If possible, bring a double supply.  

Do not bring non-prescription medications such as aspirin, Advil, etc., unless they are listed in your medical information. We have a medical kit that contains these medications. 

Medication updates that occur after applicants are cleared to participate could affect their status on course. Please update the Student Services Department with any medication changes such as: 

  • Starting a new medication
  • Stopping an existing medication
  • Dosage change of an existing medication 

For participants on youth courses, our instructors carry all prescription medications, with the exception of birth control and emergency medications such as EpiPens or rescue asthma inhalers. 

For participants on adult (age 18+) courses, we encourage participants to store their medication(s) container(s) in a zip-lock bag for protection. Pill sorters are not recommended.  

You must notify Outward Bound should any medical, psychological, behavioral, or legal situations occur after the application and medical review process have been completed. Certain situations may affect the applicant’s course status.