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May 07, 2024 - May 14, 2024

Blue RIdge Mountains Backpacking & Climbing

Participants will journey deep into the mountains of Western North Carolina on this backpacking and rock climbing expedition. These mountains are some of the oldest in the world and home to hundreds of waterfalls, over a million acres of national forest, park and public land, unique rock formations and the highest peaks in the Eastern United States.

Sample Course Itinerary
This is only a SAMPLE itinerary only. Adjustments will be made due to weather, programming area availability and group dynamics.
DAY 1: Course start, duffle shuffle, camp craft
DAY 2-3: Backpacking training expedition: navigation and risk management skills
DAY 4-5: Rock climbing, belaying and rappelling; Solo
DAY 6: Backpacking final expedition: practicing leadership and independence
DAY 7: Personal challenge event, clean and de-issue gear, graduation ceremony.
DAY 8: Course end. Transportation to the airport.