“For North Carolina Outward Bound School, the 50th anniversary is not just another milestone. We’re honoring the rich and colorful history of the school and the thousands of students, staff, and board members who have been a part of the organization—and we’re also looking ahead. We view our stewardship of this incredible legacy very seriously. We’re consistently delivering high-quality programs. Our infrastructure and finances are strong. Our mission and goals are increasingly relevant. It’s a strong place from which to look forward. And, we need to continue looking forward to improve our school and be ever stronger."

Whitney H. Montgomery

Executive Director, 2007 - Present

The Path Ahead

Confidence, teamwork, leadership & compassion

In these times of such unparalleled economic, environmental, and social challenges, we believe, without a doubt, that North Carolina Outward Bound School is more relevant than ever before. The importance of supporting people to discover their strengths and their capacity for collaborative problem-solving has never been greater. Our expeditions build confidence, teamwork, leadership, and compassion for all participants.

Cutting Edge

The principle of leadership through service was instilled from the start by our founders. We share their abiding faith in the value of the Outward Bound experience. Only now, unlike then, we have decades of research about positive program impacts to support our conviction. Grit. Resilience. Self-Confidence. Compassion. Leadership. Citizenship. Stewardship. Outward Bound forges qualities that are, named by experts, “most needed” for the times. Our programs remain cutting-edge to this day.

The Path Ahead

The path ahead, therefore, is clear. Together, we will serve more students than ever before with high-quality programs that change lives and prepare people to address the challenges of our times. One individual at a time, we will continue to forge stronger communities, improve the culture of schools, ignite teachers, motivate high potential youth, and assist the transition of our military veterans into civilian life. With deep appreciation for all the shoulders we stand upon, and with the exuberance and commitment of our founders, we journey on to the next fifty years.


“We seek to educate all: rich and poor, forceful and timid, thinker and doer, those in trouble and those who have had it made. And by so doing, we hope to build those strengths in people and those bridges between people that are vital to the survival of our society.”

Dan Meyer

Executive Director, 1971-1976

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