The tuition and travel expense for your North Carolina Outward Bound Veterans course is fully funded by several generous donors. After you are cleared to participate and the course is confirmed a “go” we will contact you to finalize your travel plans. Travel plans are typically confirmed 30-45 days before the course starts. 

You have the option of either flying or driving to/from course:

Airline Travel 

NCOBS will purchase you a round-trip plane ticket to/from the airport course start/end location.

You are responsible for your own baggage fees. 

If you are traveling from west of the Mississippi River, we may arrange for you to travel the day before course starts so that you arrive on time. Please plan for this when making arrangements to be away from work, school or home. Scholarship funds will cover the cost of a hotel room if we need to fly you in a day early. You will be responsible for arranging shuttle transportation from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel back to the airport the following day to meet Outward Bound.   

After we purchase your airline ticket, if you cancel from the course or do not show up for the flight, you are responsible* for paying the cost of the ticket and the $250 Cancellation Penalty. 

EXCEPTION*: If you cannot attend course due to receiving deployment orders that conflict with the course dates, we will not hold you responsible for cost of the plane ticket or the Cancellation Penalty, provided you supply us with documentation of your orders.  

Vehicle Travel 

You can choose to drive to/from course. You will need to park in long-term parking at the airport. If you choose to drive to course, NCOBS will reimburse you for gas and airport parking fees. You must mail, e-mail or fax a copy of your receipts within 7-days of the course end. 

Course Start - Traveling to Outward Bound


If you are delayed while traveling, call us immediately at 800-878-5258. We work diligently to accommodate unforeseen travel delays. However, in certain cases of extreme delays, it may not be possible for you to join the course.


Traveling to and from course with a cell phone and charger is encouraged.  Upon arrival and check in with our staff at the airport, we will remind participants to call their families immediately, as cell phones are not permitted once the course has officially begun. At that point, all cell phones will be turned off and stored in personal luggage until course end.


Be dressed in items from the clothing list, make all necessary calls and have eaten prior to departure from the airport.

Review current government regulations regarding carry-on items at Many airlines charge for each checked bag. Check your airline’s baggage policy and pay any fees for you or your child’s inbound and outbound flights.

***Please arrive to the airport having eaten lunch. For students arriving on flights, please review your vendor options before meeting Outward Bound.***


If you are expelled or choose to leave your course voluntarily you are responsible for paying any change fees or increase in air fare required for you to return home. 

All participants are required to follow our COVID-19 Program Protocols. 


Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL 

100 Terminal Dr - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 

  • Airline Arrival 12:00 Noon 
  • Vehicle Arrival 12:00 Noon 
Travel & Backup Travel Plan
About a month before course start, we will request your travel preferences as well as your Backup Travel Plan, should you travel to Outward Bound using commercial travel.

To reduce the likelihood of participants testing positive upon arrival to Outward Bound, we highly encourage participants to take a rapid COVID-19 antigen test 24-hours or less prior to traveling to Outward Bound. Participants who test positive should not travel and will not be accepted onto course. 

Participants will take an NCOBS-administered rapid antigen COVID-19 test on course start day upon arrival. Participants testing positive, as well as any close contacts, will not be accepted on course. 

If you intend to travel by commercial transportation, you must submit a back-up travel plan should you need to travel home under quarantine or isolation protocols. Plan must NOT include commercial travel.

Back-Up Travel Plan Options

ADULT (Course age ranges 18+, 18-25, 30+) must either:

  • Preferred -Arrange your own transportation home such as your personal vehicle, car rental, or by providing name and contact information of pick-up person


  • Outward Bound will provide transportation to a hotel near the airport, provided the participant meets the hotel’s age requirement for check-in.

Hotels include:  

Once course is in progress, if you must depart course early due to COVID-19, your plan must allow for departure within 48 hours. 

Please reference the CDC recommendations for Protecting Yourself When Using Transportation and Considerations for Travelers.