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November 13, 2023 - November 18, 2023

For over 30 years, Outward Bound has run wilderness expeditions specially designed for war veterans and service members. Outward Bound draws on the healing benefit of teamwork, challenge, friendship and the natural world. These courses provide a unique opportunity for self-discovery that can help veterans with their transitions back into civilian life. 

Sample Course Itinerary
This is only a SAMPLE itinerary only. Adjustments will be made due to weather, programming area availability and group dynamics.
DAY 1: Course start. Load canoes. Learn: Paddle strokes, rescue skills and marine environment camping skills.
DAY 2: Canoe expedition through mangrove tunnels. Practice navigation skills. Everglades natural history lesson.
DAY 3: Canoe expedition through tidal bays: use tidal charts and flow workshop. Beach campfire.
DAY 4: Canoe expedition to island in the Gulf of Mexico. Solo/Reflection Activity.
DAY 5: Final expedition with night paddle to basecamp. Closing ceremony.
DAY 6: Course end. Transportation to the airport.