The information below explains how to make and submit your travel arrangements for Outward Bound.


  1. You have been cleared to participate AND
  2. You are notified that your course has been confirmed as “GO.” In order for a course to be confirmed as “GO,” we must achieve a minimum number of firm enrollments.  Firm = applicants who are fully paid and cleared to participate.

We typically need 6 firm enrollments in order to confirm the course as “GO.” If you purchase airline tickets before notified to do so, make sure you either purchase refundable/transferable tickets OR purchase trip insurance covering the cost of airfare in the event your course is canceled or if you are not cleared to participate. North Carolina Outward Bound is not responsible for refunding the cost of airline tickets, clothing and gear, etc.

Course Start - Traveling to Outward Bound


If you are delayed while traveling, call us immediately at 800-878-5258. We work diligently to accommodate unforeseen travel delays. However, in certain cases of extreme delays, it may not be possible for you to join the course.


Traveling to and from course with a cell phone and charger is encouraged.  Upon arrival and check in with our staff at the airport, we will remind participants to call their families immediately, as cell phones are not permitted once the course has officially begun. At that point, all cell phones will be turned off and stored in personal luggage until course end.


Be dressed in items from the clothing list, make all necessary calls and have eaten prior to departure from the airport.

Review current government regulations regarding carry-on items at Many airlines charge for each checked bag. Check your airline’s baggage policy and pay any fees for you or your child’s inbound and outbound flights.


A passport is required for entry into Argentina. Passport applications may take two to three months to process so apply well in advance of your departure date. The passport application fee is $135 (subject to change). 2 Passport numbers must be submitted to Outward Bound no later than two weeks before the start of the course to ensure that we can complete permits necessary for traveling in Patagonia. Make four clear photocopies of your passport. Mail, fax or scan a copy to our office with your required forms. We encourage you to bring one copy of your passport to the course and leave one with your emergency contact at home.


We advise that you pack all essentials from the Clothing and Gear list in a carry-on bag in case your luggage is lost or delayed. These items include:

  • 1 medium weight fleece or wool hat
  • 1 pair of synthetic underwear
  • Headlamp
  • 1 lightweight synthetic long underwear bottom
  • Prescription eye wear (if applicable)
  • 1 pair of quick-drying nylon shorts
  • 1 lightweight synthetic long underwear top
  • 1 pair of quick-dry nylon trekking pants
  • 1 synthetic t-shirt
  • Rain jacket and pants
  • 1 sport/jog bra (if applicable)
  • 1 pair of medium weight socks
  • 1 medium weight fleece jacket or pullover
  • Hiking boots
  • 1 pair of warm fleece or wool gloves
  • Prescription medication (if applicable)

More detailed descriptions of these items are available in the Clothing and Gear list. These items will outfit you during the first 24-72 hours of course if your luggage is lost or delayed. Include copies of your passport and your airline ticket itineraries. Be careful with your carry-on bag while traveling to avoid your bag being lost or stolen. We suggest using a money belt or traveler’s neck pouch for passports, cash, credit cards and airline tickets.

All participants are required to follow our COVID-19 Program Protocols.


San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC)

Ruta 237 S/N, 8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

  • San Carlos de Bariloche Airport at 12:00 Noon on the day the course begins
  • Airline Arrival 12:00 Noon: Book your inbound flight to arrive no later than 12:00 Noon on the first day of the course. Do not book arrival after 12:00 Noon as we are unable to accommodate arrivals after this time. Itineraries booked with an arrival time later than 12:00 Noon will require rebooking which can be costly and avoidable.

This is our only pick-up location/time.


An Outward Bound Staff representative will meet you in the lobby near the coffee shop.

Look for Outward Bound Staff wearing a shirt or hat with an Outward Bound logo and/or carrying an Outward Bound sign. This staff person will have a list of all course participants.

Our supervision officially begins when students depart the airport by NCOBS vehicle or charter transportation

Course End - Traveling Home


San Carlos de Bariloche Airport on the day the course ends.

  • Airline Departure 1:30 PM: Book your departure no earlier than 1:30 PM on the last day of the course. Itineraries booked outside of these times will require rebooking which can be costly and avoidable.


If you intend to depart by commercial transportation, you must submit a back-up departure plan should you need to depart under quarantine or isolation protocols. Reference SUBMITTING YOUR TRAVEL PLANS section below.

Important Information About Changing Airports in Argentina

Changing Airports Within Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are two airports in Buenos Aires, Argentina:  

  • Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE).
  • Jorge Newbery Aeropark domestic airport (AEP).

Some airline itineraries require a lengthy ground transport between EZE and AEP to connect to San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC).  Other itineraries offer direct flights from EZE to San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC), avoiding the airport-to-airport ground transport. 

North Carolina Outward Bound recommends choosing a direct flight from EZE to BRC; however, flight availability changes regularly.

If your airline itinerary requires ground transportation between EZE and AEP, this transport is NOT included in your airline itinerary. You must arrange it separately before day of travel. If you choose this option, make sure your airline itinerary allows for 5 hours layover between the two airports. It will take significant time to claim baggage, clear customs, cross the city, check in and go through security again. Plus, there may be unforeseen delays due to traffic, road construction or weather.

Please refer to these websites to arrange ground transportation:

Submit Your Travel Arrangements to Outward Bound

At least two weeks prior to course start, we will email a request for travel arrangements.

Reference our COVID-19 Program Protocols:

  • Participants may travel to/from course by personal vehicle or commercial transportation; however, personal vehicle travel is strongly encouraged. 
  • If you intend to depart by commercial transportation, you must submit a back-up departure plan should you need to depart under quarantine or isolation protocols. Plan must NOT include commercial travel. 

Back-Up Departure Plan Criteria: 

  • If you need to depart course early, your plan must allow for departure within 48-hours   
  • Adults (18+) must either: 
    • Preferred - Depart from the Outward Bound program location by private vehicle, providing name and contact information of pick-up person. 
    • Request that Outward Bound provide transportation to a hotel near the airport, provided the participant meets the hotel's age requirements for check-in. Refer to our Hotel/Lodging Information section below for options.   
  • Youth (12-17 years old) must depart from the Outward Bound program location by private vehicle, providing name and contact information of pick-up person. 

Please reference the CDC recommendations for Protecting Yourself When Using Transportation and Considerations for Travelers.

Travel Agency Information


Jana Tvedt, owner of Vibrance Travel, is a travel and trip insurance resource available to you. Contact Jana at: or 203-257-7806. 

Trip Insurance - Highly Recommended

Consider third party trip insurance to protect your financial investment of course tuition, airfare and/or emergency evacuation. Trip insurance options are widely available. Jana Tvedt, owner of Vibrance Travel, is a travel and trip insurance resource available to you.

Contact Jana at: or 203-257-7806. 

 North Carolina Outward Bound School does not represent or endorse any third party trip insurance options.

Hotel/Lodging Information


If your travel plans require an overnight stay before the course start, here are some suggestions for places to stay in Bariloche.

TSA Travel Regulations

If you are traveling by air, be aware of TSA guidelines. To avoid TSA taking items out of your carry-on luggage (like insect repellent and sunscreen), pack these items in your checked luggage or do not exceed size specifications. For more information please visit the TSA website: Transportation Security Administration - Carry-ons