The information below explains how to make and submit your travel arrangements for Outward Bound.


  1. You have been cleared to participate AND
  2. You are notified that your course has been confirmed as “GO.” In order for a course to be confirmed as “GO,” we must achieve a minimum number of firm enrollments.  Firm = applicants who are fully paid and cleared to participate.

We typically need 6 firm enrollments in order to confirm the course as “GO.” If you purchase airline tickets before notified to do so, make sure you either purchase refundable/transferable tickets OR purchase trip insurance covering the cost of airfare in the event your course is canceled or if you are not cleared to participate. North Carolina Outward Bound is not responsible for refunding the cost of airline tickets, clothing and gear, etc.

Course Start - Traveling to Outward Bound


Traveling to and from course with a cell phone and charger is encouraged.  Upon arrival and check in with our staff at the airport, we will remind participants to call their families immediately, as cell phones are not permitted once the course has officially begun. At that point, all cell phones will be turned off and stored in personal luggage until course end.


Orlando International Airport (MCO) -

One Airport Boulevard, Orlando FL 

Orlando International Airport at 1:00 PM on the day the course begins.

  • Airline Arrival: Book your child’s inbound flight to arrive no later than 1:00 PM on the first day of the course. DO NOT book arrival after 1:00 PM as we are unable to accommodate arrivals after this time. Itineraries booked outside of these times will require rebooking which can be costly and avoidable.
  • Vehicle Arrival: If your child is arriving by car, arrive no later than 1:00 PM on the first day of the course.

This is our only pick-up location/time.


You will receive a contact number for travel delays prior to the course start.


Make sure your child arrives dressed in items from the clothing list, has eaten lunch and made all necessary calls.

Review current government regulations regarding carry-on items at Many airlines charge for each checked bag. Check your airline’s baggage policy and pay any fees for inbound and outbound flights.


After course start, the course director will be contacting families via email. The email will contain all contact information for your use while your child is on course.

Outward Bound Check-In Location

An Outward Bound representative will meet ALL arrivals at the Orlando International Airport (MCO), Terminal B, at Baggage Claim Carousel #32.

Staff will be wearing an Outward Bound shirt or hat and/or carrying an Outward Bound sign. They will have a list of all student names and will note your arrival.

Our supervision officially begins when students depart the airport by NCOBS vehicle or charter transportation.


Course End - Traveling Home


Reminder: A parent/guardian is required to attend the seminar at course end. The course will end in Mims, Florida by 11 AM. Please arrange your departure flights accordingly

Unaccompanied Minors

Airlines define an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) as a child flying without a parent, guardian or another trusted adult. Your airline may designate your child as an Unaccompanied Minor. The airline’s Unaccompanied Minor policy may NOT be clear to you if you purchase your child’s ticket through an online travel site.  If applicable, confirm the airline you choose allows Unaccompanied Minors to board connecting flights.

Plan carefully to avoid your child being stranded at a connecting airport!

Airlines are extremely strict about payment of the UM fee. The North Carolina Outward Bound School is neither responsible for paying the UM fees nor determining which individuals are required to pay the fee. Airline representatives have refused to board UMs whose families have not paid the required UM fees, causing students to miss their departing flights.

Before you book your child’s airline ticket:

Review the UM policies for each airline before choosing an itinerary – each airline has their own policy and age requirements:

Allegiant Airlines American Airlines / Delta Airlines / United Airlines

  1. Prepay all UM fees. Online travel sites may not inform you of the airline’s UM policy or fees. Contact the airline directly and prepay all UM fees. (Be firm and insist if the need arises.)
  2. Give your airline the name and contact information of your Student Services Representative (refer to your Registration Email) as the person who will meet and sign for your child on course start day. 
  3. Do not book your child on a flight departing 6:00 PM or later. Many airports will not allow UMs to board flights after 6:00 PM.
  4. Submit receipt for payment of the UM FEES (arrival & departure) to your Student Services Representative.   
Submit Your Travel Arrangements to Outward Bound

At least two weeks prior to course start, email the following to your Student Services Representative, FAX: 1-828-298-8660 or use Any of these options will get the information to us.

If traveling by plane, submit arrival itinerary. Arriving early? Include lodging information along with the student’s name, course number and course dates. If your child is flying as an Unaccompanied Minor, additional information is required. Refer to the Unaccompanied Minor section on your child’s course web page.

If traveling by vehicle, submit confirmation of vehicle drop-off date and time. Include the name(s) and cell phone numbers of the adult(s) who will be responsible for drop-off. Again, include the student’s name, course number and course dates.

Travel Agency Information


If you need assistance with travel arrangements or trip insurance, our local travel agency, All Ways Travel, is very familiar with our programs and welcomes your inquiry.

All Ways Travel 

Gennifer Hogan:


Trip Insurance - Highly Recommended

We highly recommend you purchase Trip Insurance to cover your investment (e.g. course tuition, airfare and/or emergency evacuation). You may use a vendor of your choice or our  recommended Travel Agent Gennifer Hogan of All Ways Travel. Gennifer is knowledgeable about our programs, has access to multiple trip insurance options and is dedicated to helping you find coverage that’s best for you.


TSA Travel Regulations

If you are traveling by air, be aware of TSA guidelines. To avoid TSA taking items out of your carry-on luggage (like insect repellent and sunscreen), pack these items in your checked luggage or do not exceed size specifications. For more information please visit the TSA website: Transportation Security Administration - Carry-ons