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Cancellation & Transfer Policies

Our Cancellation/Refund and Transfer Policies are based on our investment in planning, staffing and provisioning our courses. These expenses are not recoverable and short-notice cancellations and transfers often prevent others from attending. Therefore, penalties do apply and are noted below. Outward Bound offers a Tuition Protection Plan to protect your tuition from penalties associated with certain types of cancellations.

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Cancellation/Transfer/Early Departure Policy without Tuition Protection Plan

If you cancel your application and have elected NOT to purchase the Tuition Protection Plan, you are subject to the following penalties:

  • Forfeiture of your application fee.
  • Forfeiture of all or a portion of fully paid tuition (reference the chart below).
  • If you cancel 59 days or less prior to your course start and have not paid your tuition in full, the application fee and tuition deposit are not refundable or transferrable. The percentages of refund or credit noted in the chart do not apply.

Once you are enrolled on a course, you may transfer to another course within North Carolina Outward Bound or another U.S. Outward Bound School without penalty as long as the transfer is made at least 60 days prior to your course start date. If you transfer less than 60 days prior to your course start date, refer to the chart below.

*Emergency cancellation or transfer is defined as documented personal illness or injury or family emergency.

For information on how Early Departure, Medical Screening Status, Wait List and Low Enrollment Course Cancellations may affect your enrollment, please click to read the POLICY BOOKLET for North Carolina Outward Bound.

Tuition Protection Plan

The Tuition Protection Plan is optional but highly recommended. This plan will protect your tuition and In-Course Transportation fee should you cancel or transfer due to documented personal illness, family illness or death within the family. The plan will not cover non-emergency cancellations or transfers. This plan must be purchased 30 days or more prior to your course start date.

 Once you arrive at course start, this plan will protect your tuition should you need to leave course due to confirmed personal illness or injury, family illness or death within the family. You will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of days you were under the supervision of North Carolina Outward Bound staff. This plan will not cover departures based on motivational or behavior issues, voluntary withdrawal, "no show", expulsion or departures due to unreported pre-existing medical or psychological conditions. This plan can be purchased 29 days or less prior to your course start date.

Cost of Plan:

4-11 days $75 / 12-27 days $125 / 28-59 days $175 / 60+ days $225


Click to read more about this plan in our POLICY BOOKLET.

Early Departure** & Expulsion

If a student is expelled from course or chooses to leave due to reasons other than personal illness or injury, family illness or death;  there will be no refund (regardless of whether or not the Tuition Protection Plan was purchased).  We are prepared to support our students through times of homesickness, discouragement and less than ideal weather conditions.  However, we will not force a student to remain on course should they be determined to leave.   To keep a student on course against their will may affect their personal safety as well as the safety of their crew members.  Parents will be notified and will be required to arrange their child’s departure.  This departure will pull resources from other areas of the school; therefore, NCOB will charge a $100 evacuation fee.

You may be expelled from a course if our staff determines you are in violation of the following policies:

  • Unwilling or unmotivated to participate and should responsibility as a team member
  • Posing a danger to yourself or others through misconduct or unsafe actions
  • Defiant, harassing or otherwise compromising the emotional safety of others
  • Use of alcohol, drugs, (including prescription medication not prescribed to you or sharing your medication), or tobacco use on course
  • Engaging in sexual activity
  • Also refer to page 6 of the POLICY BOOKLET (Expulsion/Early Departure Policy and Commitment to Excellence).

**Should you leave course early due to personal illness, injury or family illness or death and have chosen NOT to purchase the Tuition Protection Plan, you may receive prorated tuition credit (not to exceed 50% of paid tuition) toward a later course with North Carolina Outward Bound. This credit must be used within one year of course cancellation.


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